Broadband connection Plans for chandigarh (DSL)

Connect broadband plans in chandigarh

Get here plans details & prices of Connect broadband DSL services in Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali, Kharar, Zirakpur & Derabassi. Here below you can get detailed information of CONNECT Internet connection to choose best broadband plans for Chandigarh tricity. Get connected to high speed internet connection with attractive tariff schemes & affordable rentals. Connect broadband is one of the best wired network in tricity chandigarh, mohali, panchkula areas. We help you in connecting internet services to your home or business via : DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), Optical fiber, WiMax & Ethernet EoC technologies. Here you can connect broadband service in different ways – ask us about available broadband technologies in your area. You might get link via regular modem, via  LAN (local-area network) cable connection, via cable modem or via DSL connection. Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a technology for accessing high-bandwidth to domestic and small businesses over simple copper paired telephone lines.

CONNECT broadband has covered Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula with the networks of DSL / FTTH  / Ethernet EoC and WiMAX wireless broadband. Check here below described various monthly rental Connect broadband plans. Top selling Internet tariffs are shown here below for new DSL broadband connection at tricity chandigarh & Punjab. 

Rental plan ↓


 Tariff Description  ↓


799 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 50 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps 

 + Unlimited free national Calling


999  →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 75 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps 

+ Unlimited free national Calling


1299 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 125 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps

+ Unlimited free national Calling


1499 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 150 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps

+ Unlimited free national Calling


1799 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 200 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps

+ Unlimited free national Calling 


1999 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 250 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps

+ Unlimited free national Calling


2499 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 300 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps

+ Unlimited free national Calling 


2999 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 500 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps

+ Unlimited free national Calling


3999 →


4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 1000 GB ⇒ 2 Mbps

+ Unlimited free national Calling 


 4 / 8 Mbps ⇒ 50 GB ⇒ 1 Mbps means that : you will get 4 or 8 Mbps speed depending upon your area till 50 GB and after it you will get 2 Mbps speed till unlimited data usage 

High speed internet connectivity solutions at chandigarh, Panchkula, mohali – connect to best broadband services at zirakpur, kharar & Derabassi. Stay connected to internet with reasonable broadband tariff charges. Get ultimate solution for connecting with broadband of super internet speed. We offer data communication solutions for best internet connectivity results & excellent performance. Know all about internet service provider  – check tariff details & contact numbers. Get DSL connectivity see broadband plans for chandigarh, Panchkula, mohali, kharar & Zirakpur. Best Internet service provider company, offering high speed broadband connectivity at reasonable rental plans. Check prices and other details. To connect a fixed line DSL broadband connection, we are here to suggest valuable tariff packs according to budget & required specifications of speed & data. The market suffers from limited competition in tricity chandigarh. only few countable DSL broadband options are available here at chandigarh, Panchkula, mohali, kharar & Zirakpur. If talking about  Brand and quality service, very few DSL broadband provider companies are serving the area of chandigarh & its neighborhood towns. About 35% of all fixed-line broadband connections in chandigarh, Panchkula, mohali, kharar & Zirakpur are powered by CONNECT broadband services. The competition of broadband operators or big ISP companies is resulting the cheaper internet prices and faster internet speed month by month. Demand of internet speed and data is increasing due to revolutionary improvement of media devices and gadgets. Now digital cameras, scanners, camera phones like devices are able to capture high resolution HD images and videos, than earlier. So to exchange or transfer of these HD high resolution photos and videos, greater internet speed is required. CONNECT broadband is good internet option in the areas of chandigarh, mohali, kharar, zirakpur, panchkula and derabassi. Ask us your queries and get best suggestion to connect the best DSL broadband connection for your home or office.