Know about broadband technologies in in chandigarh mohali, panchkula, zirakpur & Kharar, which helps you to get best broadband connection for your home or business.

Connect broadband through Fibre connection in chandigarh mohali, panchkula : Consistently high speeds, superior quality of broadband service, with up to 100 Mb/s of uncontended bandwidth speed.

Broadband connection over Copper – DSL service in in chandigarh mohali, panchkula, Kharar & Zirakpur : Reliable, cost-effective and stable internet connectivity solution, which is capable of delivering up to 40 Mbps internet speed.

Broadband connection through wireless source in chandigarh mohali, panchkula: Secure, low latency and point-to-point internet connectivity, which is independent of the traditional carrier networks.

Satellite broadband Connection in chandigarh mohali, panchkula : reliable connection, “always on” satellite connection that delivers speeds of up to 10 Mbps bandwidth anywhere across chandigarh tricity

Internet Leased Line connection & PRI services in chandigarh mohali, panchkula : Highly secure private data connection with dedicated bandwidth and 99.9% up-time guaranteed.

Dark Fiber internet connection in chandigarh mohali, panchkula : Purely dedicated point-to-point internet solution, which offers virtually maximum bandwidth as per customer requirement.

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connecting broadband services in chandigarh mohali panchkula

We offer you various broadband services from chandigarh’s leading telecommunication carrier to provide our customers with the best-of-breed ‘last mile’ internet connectivity options at mohali, Panchkula, Kharar, derabassi, Lalru, zirakpur areas & chandigarh city.